Friday, May 31, 2013

Snap Shot of a Daedric Quest in this Video From IGN

Great snap shot and explanation of a quest in ESO in this short video from IGN. I like how it feels random in the way players would come upon the quest itself. I hate big yellow question marks. But I love just picking a random direction and finding adventure. So far ESO is looking to hold to this type of reward for exploration.
Daedric Quests in The Elder Scrolls Online - IGN Conversations - IGN Video

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Get A Good Look at First Person View in this Video

First Person View is shaping up nicely from the looks of it. A lot of us (myself included) had misgivings on how Elder Scrolls would make the transition to mmo but still feel like an Elder Scrolls experience. But after this brief glimpse of First Person, I'm really feeling good about the direction the game is taking for us TES loyalists.

Official Pre-E3 Coverage Round Up

ESO has published a round up of all the coverage to come out of their pre E3 press event last week. One of the most exciting features I saw was a first look at the first person view point showcased in some of the videos! Looks amazing!
The Elder Scrolls Online - ESO Coverage from E3 Preview Events

The Escapist Interviews ESO

More and more info coming out of the press event last week. Escapist had a video interview up with a little bit of new gameplay footage. Check it out!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Massively gets some hands on time with ESO

Looks like we won't have to wait till E3 to get some more ESO info as it turns out Zenimax had a press event last week. Read all about it below.
Massively's pre-E3 Elder Scrolls Online preview - Massively

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Is Your PC Ready? Deal of the Week!

Every Sunday I look for a great deal on a piece of hardware that will help get your system Elder Scrolls ready and not break the bank! Requirements: Comes in under $200.00, exceeds expected/ speculated system requirements for Elder Scrolls online. 

This weeks deal is for a XFX Radeon HD 7790 Core Edition Video Card 1GB DDR5 Memory.

Price 149.99 (134.99 after mail in rebate)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Shoddy Cast Lore Series Dwemer of Skyrim & Morrowind!

The Latest in Shoddy Casts Excellent Lore series is now up. Love it. Make sure to go through the back log of lore series post. Great way to kill some time till launch!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Elder Scrolls Online Weekly - New Monster Gameplay & More on Gathering

New ESO weekly. The Shoddy Cast guys talk Gathering, question of the week and more! Check it out!

New Question of the Week

This weeks developer question asks "what's the grossest ingredient your character had to taste for alchemy?" Well I remember in Skyrim there were human hearts to be tasted and Oblivion had Mort Flesh. Kind of makes you a bit of a cannibal? What's your answer?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another ESO Creature Feature The Wamasu

Check out the link Below to read a detailed article on the design process and a short video showcasing the animation. Looks smooth.
The Elder Scrolls Online - Creating ESO: The Wamasu

Shoddy Casts Lore Series is Epic!

Shoddy Cast has been doing an amazing job of visually representing the lore of Elder Scrolls. If you are like me then you will just eat this stuff up! Have a look at their first installment and brush up on your Elder Scrolls lore while we wait for release.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hands-on impressions: 'The Elder Scrolls Online' - NBC

NBC News has been a great source lately for TESO news. Check out this short video for one reporters hands on impression.
Hands-on impressions: 'The Elder Scrolls Online' - NBC

NBC News asks 'Will The Elder Scrolls Online be the next Warcraft? In this video.

NBC News does a great video interview with Matt Fior. Clip includes a lot of great ingame footage of scenery and large scale PvP. Check it out!
Will 'The Elder Scrolls Online' be the next 'Warcraft?' -

The Elder Scrolls Online - Ask Us Anything: Gathering and Exploration

New ask us anything is up on the official site and its all about gathering and exploration!  Definitely worth a read!
The Elder Scrolls Online - Ask Us Anything: Gathering and Exploration

Developer Question: Do you like alchemy?

In this weeks question Zeni wants to know how you like your alchemy served. Have a view and send them a response!
Watch "The Elder Scrolls Online: Developer Question of the Week #24" on YouTube

Crafting, Exploration and more!

Zenimax gives us a tease of what to expect crafting and exploration wise in this video. Some highlights we see lootable objects, mundas stones (akin to skyrims guardian stones) skyshards and lockpicking ala oblivion style. Check it out I'm the link below!
Watch "Gathering and Exploration (PEGI)" on YouTube

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