Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Elder Scrolls Lore: Tribunal - Battle of Red Mountain

Shoddycast's new lore series is another three part all about the living Gods of the tribunal. Probably one of my personal favorite stories of Elder Scrolls lore. Well done guys! Can't wait for part 2!


Zenimax has been on a roll with the PvP news as of late. This article goes all in on the design and functions of the Keeps in Cyrodiil that we will be clashing over. The more I see the more excited I get and can't wait to siege or defend one of these guys. It's all past the link. http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2013/12/20/creating-eso-cyrodiils-keeps


This weeks official AMA answers more questions on the PvP battles in Cyrodiil. A kinds of good info inside and I can't wait to start knocking down some keeps! Find everything past the link.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Epic Armor Awaits The Lucky!

It's now well known that becoming the Emperor of Tamriel holds many perks, but earlier today Zenimax posted up some concept art showcasing the armor that awaits anyone one lucky enough to sit the Ruby Throne. More info past the link!http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2013/12/16/fit-for-the-emperor

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Elder Scrolls Online - War in Cyrodiil Trailer

Along with the release date announcement came new trailer showcasing PvP! Its all in-game footage and if you watch close enough someone uses a crossbow. It all looks really good and definitely harkens back to the developers Dark Age of Camelot roots. Considered by many to be the best PvP mmo ever made. This has been an exciting week so far and I can't wait to get into the game, knock down some walls, and maybe warm my wood elf butt on the Ruby Throne.

We Have A Release Date!

ESO Fans rejoice! We now can start planning our time off work and marathon gaming arrangements because Elder Scrolls Online will be launching on 4.4.14 first for PC and MAC then later in June for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. I still plan on playing on the Playstation 4 but to all my PC brothers and sisters, have fun storming Cyrodiil early! All kinds of details and a progress report from Zenimax after the link! http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2013/12/11/eso-release-plans-announced

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Force Disects The Character Progression Video

Force just put up a great little 7min video that goes into the latest character progression video and what the implications might be for game play balance and the overall experience of Elder Scrolls Online. Pretty interesting.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Character Progression

The Shoddycast guys dive into this weeks video and reveals on character progression in Elder Scrolls Online. Lost of good discussions to be had and questions from the community. Check it out!


Following on the heels of yesterdays video we get a more in depth article on the character progression system. Its pretty much what you got in the video with more explanation into each topic. Worth a read! Check it out past the link. http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2013/12/04/creating-eso-designing-skill-lines

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Remember that announcement a few weeks ago that Zenimax would start talking more about ESO? Well here comes our first bit in the form of this character progression video. Not bad. I hope the next one is about PvP. Official release after the link: http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2013/12/03/video--character-progression